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Our connection is what makes us strong.

I have had the time to reconcile, contemplate, and meditate on the election results we all received last night in America. We can discuss the logistics involved in the dichotomy surrounding the Democratic and Republican parties, but I feel there is a deeper essence involved in the human experience. I can’t help but think of a story I once heard by Radanath Swami, who happens to be a major influence in my life. It goes something like this:

“Imagine the redwood forest. The trees reach toward the sky, stretching tall and thin as they grow to be hundreds of years old. Through the years they remain strong and steady even though they seem so fragile. They are able to survive the windstorms, heavy rain, and other brutal weather that comes their way. They are able to accomplish this because underneath the surface their roots are all intertwined and connected making them as strong as can be.”

Humans are no different, and we need to remain with that vision. I struggled to see this in those that have opinions vastly different than the ones I hold to be true, but not realization my connection with them makes me no different. We must ALL see eye to eye, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, Black or White, Muslim or Christian, male or female. At the core essence of our being, we are all the same. So go show that connection with love and compassion and let’s unite together.




Religion gives us the ability to draw connections between things in life.  It is religion that helps us find the meaning to life.  Everyone will have different thoughts on how to find god, so it is important to remain open minded.  We can follow Ghandi’s lead on religious ideas and resist with love instead of hate.  It is not necessary to worship god in a big church, nature can be one of our biggest teachers.  Nature can help us see god.  He almost reflects back upon us as we look into the following river and we can hear him continuously flowing.  He reminds us of the impermanence of life, as the leaves fall to the ground and the seasons begin to change.  Religion allows us to turn our focus to the more important in life.  It allows us to be concern with making a life, instead of making a living…

How can you make a change and hope to impact humanity?