Poetry, Writing

What’s Real?

The words we hear seem to contradict themselves.
making it hard to know what’s not a lie.

Its like sifting through the rubble,
just to have an undistorted view.
It’s hard to find authenticity,
with all this false identity.

All these people trying to be
something that their not.
Acting like a credit card
can make them who they are.

Are we being ourselves,
or living through someone else?

Poetry, Writing

The Game

The rules are constantly changed,
but never made clear.
Go straight, or diagonal
it doesn’t matter
you’ll end up in the same spot.
Broken down, piece by piece
Until your stuck in the corner

all alone


Ready to lay it down and surrender?
Test your freewill,
Try it.
Let me know how it goes.
The game would make more sense
if that was possible.

Poetry, Writing


The river rushes past my feet
while I stand there in the water;
contemplating life as it passes,
and cherishing each heart beat.

The mayflies flutter in the sky,
completing their last stage of life.
Below, the trout eagerly wait
for them to fall to the surface and die.

I wait, searching for my soul
in the depths of the water.
All thoughts begin to fade,
nature is now in control.

The trout start to feed consistently.
I cast to the one behind the boulder.
The fly lands two feet in front of him,
I saw his nose break the surface, viciously.

I set the hook, and felt weight on the end.
The rod began to shake and bend.

Poetry, Writing

Carpe Diem

You have kept the shoes for the right occasion,

and saved all the money for that rainy day.

Your hands show no signs of abrasion,

and your eyes have missed your children play.

On the video game you can hit a button to reset,

but in life its not so easy if you have regret.

So pause for a moment and close your eyes.

The only thing we know with certainty is this.

Let the mind and soul be filled with bliss.

At times it can feel like the sun will shine forever

and that the beat of your heart will never render,

but the clock on the wall spins around fast,

and soon enough you will be looking back on the past.

So notice the leaves as they fall to the ground

and watch the squirrels as they rustle around.

Don’t be afraid to tell the girl how you feel,

No matter how long it might take your heart to heal.

It will never hurt to take a chance,

who knows, you could end up with a dance.



They went exploring deep into the night,
to look beyond earth and to the stars.
With the moon as their only source of light,
feeling like there was life beyond just ours.

So there they laid, looking up towards the sky,
placed in this universe for each other,
on a warm summers night in mid July.
They knew it was their last time together.

He had to go over the deep blue sea,
to a ghastly place far away from home,
to fight and protect the land of the free.
In her mind the future was already known.

There he went, never to be seen once more,
and to a life beyond earth he got to explore.



Since the St. Louis police officer, Darren Wilson shot an 18 year old man named Michael Brown, many citizens in disapproval have been protesting in a violent manner.  It is not up to my discretion to judge whether the shooting was a racial issue or not (As I was not there).  When I think of this situation I think of one person, Martin Luther King Jr.  MLK was a well educated man, and was the leader of the civil rights movement.  Martin Luther King protested in a nonviolent and peaceful way, which made his ideas become that much more powerful.  He was influenced by Ghandi who preached nonviolence and peace.  It is disturbing to see buildings getting burned, people getting injured, and more gunshots being fired over such a situation.  It leads to a vicious cycle of violence and resulting in no positive outcomes.



Religion gives us the ability to draw connections between things in life.  It is religion that helps us find the meaning to life.  Everyone will have different thoughts on how to find god, so it is important to remain open minded.  We can follow Ghandi’s lead on religious ideas and resist with love instead of hate.  It is not necessary to worship god in a big church, nature can be one of our biggest teachers.  Nature can help us see god.  He almost reflects back upon us as we look into the following river and we can hear him continuously flowing.  He reminds us of the impermanence of life, as the leaves fall to the ground and the seasons begin to change.  Religion allows us to turn our focus to the more important in life.  It allows us to be concern with making a life, instead of making a living…

How can you make a change and hope to impact humanity?


Free Will

Sam Harris has an interesting argument, he says, “Free will is an illusion.  Our wills are simply not of our own making.  Thoughts and intentions emerge from background causes of which we are unaware and over which we exert no conscious control.”  As a philosophical argument I can understand why he doubts free will, just like Rene Descartes doubted his own existence.  Personally I have a hard time believing that free will is just an illusion.  I have the ability to direct my own destiny, unlike a fictional character that has no free will.  A fictional character is not in control of his actions, the author is.  Free will is what makes us human and allows us to make decisions for ourselves.  I couldn’t imagine a world where people don’t have free will.



It seemed to make everything quiet, like it was absorbing the noise of the world.

A sign from god to be quiet and listen to the little things in life.

It made everything seem so fragile.

I could almost feel the gentleness of the earth in my heart,

as the snow fell to the ground.