Poetry, Writing

Carpe Diem

You have kept the shoes for the right occasion,

and saved all the money for that rainy day.

Your hands show no signs of abrasion,

and your eyes have missed your children play.

On the video game you can hit a button to reset,

but in life its not so easy if you have regret.

So pause for a moment and close your eyes.

The only thing we know with certainty is this.

Let the mind and soul be filled with bliss.

At times it can feel like the sun will shine forever

and that the beat of your heart will never render,

but the clock on the wall spins around fast,

and soon enough you will be looking back on the past.

So notice the leaves as they fall to the ground

and watch the squirrels as they rustle around.

Don’t be afraid to tell the girl how you feel,

No matter how long it might take your heart to heal.

It will never hurt to take a chance,

who knows, you could end up with a dance.


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